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The Leader Endorses Tom Suozzi for US Congress

Tom Suozzi has been the kind of Democrat increasingly rare in our hyper-partisan political world: He has tried to be centrist and bi-partisan. A founder of the "Problem Solvers Caucus" (25 Republicans; 25 Democrats) in the US House, Suozzi has taken the lead in supporting the suburbs on issues like homeowner's deductions (SALT and Mortgage interest) and in aiding small businesses devastated by the COVID lockdowns. His proposed COVID Relief bill from September was shot-down by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but it looks like Suozzi's proposal will be what the Congress ultimately passes. That willingness to stand-up and do the right thing should earn Suozzi another term.

Suozzi's opponent, 32-year old Queens finance executive George Santos, has impressed many with his knowledge and enthusiasm. But his run seems to be more a personal Odyssey to become "the first openly-gay Republican in the US Congress" rather than about the voters or homeowners of the north shore.

The Leader endorses Tom Suozzi for US Congress.

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