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Repeat Burglar Arrested for Sea Cliff, Glen Cove Break-Ins

Police caught and arrested a Glen Cove man for multiple burglaries in Sea Cliff and Glen Cove. Arrested is 24-year-old Taylor Steed, 24, of 29 Chadwick Street in Glen Cove.

Steed is a longtime repeat criminal offender, and has been arrested and convicted in the past for theft, burglary and larceny. According to police, Steed broke into a car on November 6, 2020 at 1:22 AM on Carpenter Street in Sea Cliff. He then rifled through the car, and stole money and personal items from the car.

A female witness, aged 18, heard the car door slam and saw Steed fleeing northbound on Carpenter Avenue. The female victim discovered that Steed had stolen money out of her car. Police responded to the crime scene and began to conduct a canvass. They located Steed in the vicinity and arrested him when they determined he was responsible for the break-in and theft.

Later police investigation determined that Steed was also responsible for a recent house burglary on Marden Avenue in Sea Cliff. The female victim of that burglary, age 62, reported that Steed had broken-in and stolen money and her cellular telephone.

Police also determined that Steed was responsible for breaking into another vehicle on Carpenter Avenue in Sea Cliff. The female victim of that crime, age 60, reported the theft of numerous items.

Steed is a career criminal well-known to the Nassau County and Glen Cove Police. In 2013, when only 17-years-old, Steed was arrested for burglarizing a private home on Cross Street in Locust Valley. In that case Steed and a anther criminal had stolen a car, which they planned to use as a getaway car, after the house burglary.

Defendant Steed was charged in the latest incidents with Burglary 2nd Degree, Grand Larceny 4thDegree and two (2) counts of Petit Larceny. He was arraigned before the Nassau district Court - and then released.

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