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Adams Offers Suozzi NYC Deputy Mayor

by Niall Fitzgerald

In a surprise development, New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams has asked Congressman Tom Suozzi (D-Glen Cove) to leave Congress and join his administration as Deputy Mayor of New York City. Suozzi has promised to "consider" Adams offer, and to give him an answer after Thanksgiving.

Adams is widely credited as being a "moderate" Democrat. He serves as Brooklyn Borough President, and previously served from 2006 to 2013, as a member of the New York State Senate. Suozzi, whose congressional district includes a small portion of northeast Queens, around the Throgs Neck Bridge, was a supporter of Adams in this years mayoral election.

Suozzi appeared with Adams at a Friday night press conference in Ridgewood Queens.

Somehow, I’m trying to convince him [Suozzi] to be a deputy mayor in my administration," stated Adams. "But now as a congressman, he has always been a clear voice for this city and I think it’s important that we raise that as we move forward,"

Suozzi replied that "I am very flattered that the mayor-elect would like me to help him in a big way to tackle the challenges in NYC. It’s a testament to our great friendship and his confidence that I know how to help run a big government, get things done and solve problems. Lots to think about over Thanksgiving."

If Suozzi resigned in January to take the Deputy Mayor position, it would trigger a special election to fill the remaining 10 months of Suozzi's term. Those nominations would be made by the Executive Committees of the parties, not by open primaries. Pundits note, however that Suozzi's district was already slated to be heavily gerrymandered by the Democrats who control the NYS Legislature.

Suozzi has already indicated that he might be leaving Congress to run for Governor of New York State next year. Suozzi very prominently intervened in the recent election for Mayor of Buffalo, where he supported incumbent mayor Byron Brown, who lost the June Democratic primary to a radical Leftist named India Walton. Brown, with Suozzi's support, won last week's general election as a "write-in" candidate, beating Walton 59% to 41%.


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