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America Must Stand Strong with Ukraine

Six months ago, Vladimir Putin's Russia invaded the neighboring country of Ukraine - in an attempt to annex or subjugate that independent country, and revive the declining Russian state back to its former great power status.

Putin's invasion was accompanied by the crudest mid-20th century-style propaganda - calling the democratic government of Ukraine "Nazis"; brutally mass murdering Ukrainian civilians; and threatening "nuclear war" against NATO and America, should we try to aid the struggling Ukrainians.

Many in the West expected Ukraine to just collapse, and called for a cowardly "appeasement" and surrender to Putin's demands. But then something unexpected happened:

The much-hyped Russian army turned out to be a corrupted, hollow shell - with Putin and his cronies having stolen much of what was budgeted for Russia's military. Putin's Generals turned out to be incompetent political "yes-men." The Russian navy - dwarfed in size and tonnage by the prostitute-infested luxury mega-yachts of Putin's corrupt oligarchs - proved to be a sitting duck, vulnerable to low-budget drones and missiles.

Ukraine decimated Putin's main military thrust to take the Ukraine's capital of Kiev, and scattered Russia's navy off Odessa. Russian soldiers - demoralized and lied to by Putin's government - surrendered in droves and fled the battle. The Russian army retreated back to the east.

Western military aid and intelligence to Ukraine have made a huge and critical difference. But the fighting was 100% Ukrainian.

The West has now provided over $50 billion in military aid to Ukraine. A very cheap price - less than 4% of NATO's annual military budget - to stop a lunatic - Putin - who was threatening nuclear annihilation of America just a few months ago.

Make no mistake: the Ukrainian people are fighting our war - to stop an unstable dictator whose violent ambitions to upend the Peace of Europe, would destroy America's military alliances and security.

The United States Congress is due to vote on an additional $13.7 Billion aid package for Ukraine. Some newly-created "conservative" groups - really just deepfake Putin-front groups - are trying to sabotage that vote. There is nothing "conservative" in undermining American national security, or working with an anti-American dictator - and his ally in communist China - to sabotage America's national interests.

The Leader urges the US Congress to pass the $13.7 Billion aid package for Ukraine, and stand strong with our NATO front line allies - until Ukraine is triumphant, Putin is toppled, or Russia is driven out of Ukraine.


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