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An Enfeebled Joe Biden Made the Ukraine War Possible

Foreign policy experts have been shocked by the extreme rhetoric of Russian President Vladimir Putin, threatening "Nuclear War" and "World War 3" if the west sends even the most token military aid to the Ukraine.

Most world leaders dismiss Putin's threats as empty bombast - more absurd than serious. After all, a nuclear war would destroy Russia and kill Putin himself. But Putin's threats seem to be directed towards a specific target - a mentally declining, frightened and diminished old man in Washington, named Joe Biden. And they seem to have succeeded.

This week, Biden himself vetoed the transfer by NATO ally Poland of 29 MIG fighter planes from the Polish air force to the Ukraine air force. After Poland and the US State Department had already coordinated the transfer. Those fighters could have played a critical role in stopping the Russian invasion, and driven Putin to the negotiating table to end the war.

Instead, a rattled Biden stammered to the press that he was crippling Ukraine, because he was "trying to stop World War 3" - using Putin's own words.

Again and again Biden and his administration have sabotaged Ukraine's ability to defend itself. The proposal to send 300 US military advisors to train the Ukraine army last November. Vetoed by Biden.

The proposal by several European countries last month to ship defensive anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. Vetoed by Biden.

Before Russia invaded, Biden did everything possible to make the war MORE likely: promising no US reaction to a "minor" invasion: ruling out any military aid or intervention to help Ukraine; creating panic by screaming for people to flee from Ukraine; constantly repeating that Russia was going to invade - and that the US would stand aside, with nothing but "economic sanctions" as a reply.

Thousands are now dead - men, women, seniors, children - slaughtered by Putin's military. Ukraine's cities are graveyards - with the bodies of old women and little children lying in the streets. Brave Ukrainian soldiers are left outgunned because Biden kept defensive weapons out of their hands.

In giving Putin a "green light," Biden made all these deaths and the horror of war possible.Deterrence is about presenting a credible risk that a military attack will end in strategic failure. By promising the opposite, Joe Biden guaranteed the invasion, and delivered 45 million Ukrainians to slaughter and devastation.


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