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And "Poof, Just Like That" $580,000 in Fake Santos "Loans" Disappear

By Niall Fitzgerald

During the election in 2022, Fraudster US Congressman George Santos (NY-3) declared to the Federal Elections Commission that he loaned his campaign $580,000 - with $500,000 in March, 2022, and $80,000 in May, 2022.

Skeptics - including the North Shore Leader newspaper - challenged the truthfulness of those loan declarations by Santos, with this newspaper charging that they "appeared to be fake."

Now, in an "amended" April 15, 2023 Federal Election Commission ("FEC") filing by Santos, those $580,000 in "personal loans" just disappear.

Poof... Gone... Fake... Never happened...

Santos' amended FEC filings now claim that he made no loans at all - nothing - until the final two months of the campaign. If that is even true.

Lying on federal campaign filings - filed with the US Federal Elections Commission - is a federal criminal felony, with each count imposing a potential five (5) years in federal prison.

The purpose of deliberately lying on his FEC filings is obvious: It earned Santos recognition from the National Republican Congressional Committee ("NRCC") as a top fund-raiser - he was designated by the NRCC as a "Top Gun."

Santos also used the fake loans and NRCC recognition as a story to fraudulently solicit wealthy GOP donors for money - that he too was a "rich man" and was "all in" on his campaign, so they should give him money too.

Santos refused to comment on his "amended" campaign filings.

But he did file a Declaration with the FEC that he is now running for re-election to the US Congress in 2024.

Santos also appeared this week - in front of the television cameras - with a comedian Donald Trump impersonator to "audition for Vice President." Santos gave a big "thumbs up" to a possible run for VP on a national ticket with former US President Donald Trump.

The FBI would not comment to the Leader on the state of their criminal investigations into Santos.


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