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Approve the $40 Billion in Aid for Ukraine

The United States is the world's leading superpower. It is also the world's only moral superpower, acting usually, if not always, out of motives to increase the security and freedom of humanity.

That is why the US Senate's approval of a $40 Billion aid package for Ukraine is so important - and why the 11 Senate Republicans opposing that aid are so wrong.

Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia, launched the February invasion of neighboring Ukraine to conquer the country. His goal is to incorporate "the Slavic core of the old Soviet Union" under his regime, in Putin's own words.

Putin's dream is a twisted nightmare - to absorb and enslave 50 million people to try to re-create a collapsed and failed state. And Putin's dream is dangerous - to use mass murder, threats of nuclear war, and terror to destroy the Peace of Europe. A peace carefully built over 75 years through the solidarity of free and democratic states. Putin's invasion is a threat to that peace, and to the vital national interests of America and the west.

America fought and won the Cold War, a struggle that was utterly moral and decent. Communism was perhaps the greatest evil that humans ever invented: a system so crushing and life-destroying that it murdered over 100 million people in its 70-year reign. Those are not just numbers - they represent 100 million family members killed, whole cities and towns wiped out, and the suffocating oppression of years and decades of grinding, freezing, starving and beating human beings in its concentration camps - the Gulag. America - and the western democracies - paid a terrible price for that vigilance. Hundreds of thousands dead, and trillions spent to fight and defeat communism.

The people of Ukraine have done the unexpected. Despite so many cowardly calls for appeasement and surrender from certain corners in the west, they fought and threw back the Russian invasion. Now they need guns, and missiles, and food and medicines. They are fighting our war - for the freedom of all free countries against ruthless dictatorships.

We need to help them now.


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