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B&N Books to Close E Northport; New Location in Huntington

By Mike O’Reilly


The Barnes & Noble bookstore on Jericho Turnpike in East Northport will be shutting-down and closing their doors for good on January 21, 2024. But Barnes & Noble has also announced that they will be opening a new store just 5 ½ miles west, near the Walt Whitman Mall, on Route 110 in Huntington.


Although the grand opening at the new location will not take place until the Spring of this year, all 30 employees at the current location will be temporarily placed in other stores until the new location is opened.


Barnes & Noble has been taking a significant hit in sales recently, due mostly because of the advent of digital books, as well as the e-commerce giant Amazon, who seized a large percentage of Barnes & Noble’s book sales.


Barnes & Noble has proven their resilience though. Founded in 1873, they have no intention of giving up.


Under new ownership since 2019, the brick-and-mortar bookstore has been clawing back market share, after years of decline.


The North Shore has seen the closure of several major local book stores, with the 2012 closure of the Border's Books in Syosset, and the 2021 closure of Book Revue in Huntington.


But there also has been a renaissance of new excellent local book stores with the opening of the Locust Valley Bookstore in 2017; Theodore's Books in Oyster Bay in 2019; and The Next Chapter in Huntington in 2022. 


Consistent with the move from East Northport to Huntington Station, Barnes & Noble has been seeking out smaller, more efficient retail locations, a plan that has been producing good results under their new leadership.


Aldi, a discount grocery food chain, plans on taking the bookstore’s current East Northport space.


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