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Bayville Bridge Re-opening Delayed….Again

By Thomas Nothel

The Bayville Bridge will continue to be closed with a now “new claimed reopening date” of “mid to late” April.

In letters to the Mayors of Bayville and Mill Neck, Nassau Commissioner of Publics Works Ken Arnold advised about the delay.

“The County has been informed of an unforeseen site condition related to the structural work on the Bayville Bridge during the full closure,” wrote Arnold. “This issue was not apparent during the engineering phase of this project and was only discovered when certain components were disassembled”.

The Bayville Bridge was closed starting on February 14th. The previously unforeseen site condition was found after that work had begun.

Residents and local businesses are frustrated with this latest setback. One Bayville resident questioned why the issue was not found when the Bridge was inspected prior to the beginning of the project.

Work stopped on the Bridge when site condition issue was discovered, but the work has since restarted.

When the repair work on the newly discovered issue is finally completed, the regular repair work will restart on the Bridge. That final work is expected to take 22 more days.

To read the full letter from the Nassau County Department of Public Works to Village of Bayville Mayor Steve Minicozzi and Village of Mill Neck Mayor Peter Quick use the following links:


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