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Beaches Closed After Heavy Rains

By Maureen Daly

After the heavy rain storms of last week, Nassau County health officials issued an advisory against swimming or bathing at 14 north shore beaches.

Among the beaches listed are three Locust Valley Lattingtown beaches; two Glen Cove beaches; four Bayville beaches; one Oyster Bay beach; and one Port Washington beach.

The County advisory remains in effect through Tuesday, August 17th.

Nassau County’s health department in an online bulletin stated, “advisory is issued as a precautionary measure for beaches known to be impacted by stormwater runoff..."

Runoff can elevate bacteria levels in the water — making it potentially unsafe to bathe in. Some common bacteria include E. coli and fecal coliform.

The following beaches are all under the “No Swimming” advisory:

Morgan Sound – Glen Cove

Pryibil Beach – Glen Cove

Tappen Beach – Glenwood Landing

Theodore Roosevelt Beach – Oyster Bay

Sea Cliff Village Beach – Sea Cliff

North Hempstead Beach Park – Port Washington

Laurel Hollow Beach – Laurel Hollow

Ransom Beach – Bayville

Centre Island Sound Side – Bayville

Soundside Beach – Bayville

Stehli Beach – Bayville

Creek Club – Lattingtown

Lattingtown Beach – Lattingtown

Piping Rock Beach Club – Locust Valley


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