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Blakeman, Goetz Act to Protect Teen Girls from Men in Girls Sports

By Mark Demetropoulos

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman (R) issued an Order last month to protect teen girls playing on girls sports teams, by barring men from competing in competitive teen girls sporting events at Nassau County athletic facilities, after a string of teen girls were injured by men.

Blakeman was supported by Nassau Legislator Samantha Goetz (R-Locust Valley), who herself has young children in school sports.

New York's Attorney General Letitia James (D-Bronx) counter-sued, claiming that girls' sports groups must now be "forced" include biological men.

Blakeman acted after a six-foot tall biological man injured three teen girls in an interscholastic girls' basketball game in mid-February, in Lynn, Massachusetts.

The much larger and heavier biological man slammed one of the teen girls to the ground, causing her a serious back injury and severe pain. Two other teen girls were also injured by the man.

The girls' coach then stopped the game and forfeited, rather than expose more of his team's teen girls to the threat of violent injury from a much bigger and stronger aggressive biological man.

"Males are bigger, stronger and faster and it wouldn’t be a fair competition with females,” stated Blakeman. "Transgender athletes can compete freely here in Nassau County. If you’re a biological male and you identify yourself as a female, you can play against other biological males, or you can play in a coed league.”

Blakeman cited both federal and state law that protects teen girls and women from being injured by big biological men in competitive contact sports. 

James, claimed however that the NYS Human Rights Law "requires" that bigger more muscular biological men be forced onto teen girls' sports teams. James laughingly accused Blakeman of being "transphobic."

Joining Blakeman in the federal lawsuit is the Mullin family of North Hempstead, whose 16-year-old daughter is a member of a girls' sports team that regularly plays in Nassau County facilities.


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