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Bomb Threat at Trump Judge Great Neck Home

By Mike O’Reilly

False bomb threats and shootings at the homes of public figures have surged recently, including the most recent threat aimed at the Great Neck home of Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron, this past Thursday morning.

Engoron is presiding over the New York fraud case lodged by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D), against former President Donald Trump and his businesses.

Multiple political figures from both the Republican and Democratic party have recently been targeted by false threats of bombs or shootings at their homes. In fact, it has become so widespread that it is commonly referred to as “Swatting”.

Swatting involves calling in fraudulent threats or crimes being committed at the home of public or political figures, with the goal of having the SWAT team show up. Fortunately, no explosives were found in any of these cases and no one has been injured. To date, no arrests have been made in connection with any of these “swatting” incidents.

The bomb threat made at the home of Engoron came one day after the judge refused to allow President Trump to speak on his own behalf during closing statements in the fraud case against him. Whether the two incidents were related or not is not clear.

Nassau Police arrived at Engoron’s home after the bomb threat.  The Nassau County Police Bomb Squad swept the home – and no explosives were discovered. The police would only confirm “a swatting incident at a Great Neck home…” 

Other public figures who have been targeted range from Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene; to Maine’s Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, who single-handily removed Trump from the presidential primary ballot.

Swatting is a crime in all jurisdictions – and is a federal felony when a federal official is targeted.


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