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Brooke Lupinacci and Theresa Mari for Huntington Town Board

The big apartment complex developers are circling Huntington like sharks. They taste blood - the existing Town Board’s deep divisions, dysfunctionality, and what Newsday called “lack of communications” - as an opportunity to get lucrative variances to bulldoze and pave over Huntington’s quiet single family neighborhoods - and make a killing.

Huntington needs Board members with principles; the courage to say “No”; the smarts to know what’s going on; the vision to act to clean-up areas that are crime-ridden (like the area around Huntington Station); and the tenacity to preserve our safe, single family neighborhoods and our remaining farms.

The Republicans - Brooke Lupinacci - a former ADA-prosecutor - and Theresa Mari - an experienced family attorney - are on t

he record opposing high density apartments, and opposing the Democrats' recent ADU garage-apartment proposals. They pledge to protect our communities.

The Democrats - Don McKay and Jen Hebert - are hopelessly compromised: They support their party’s Governor, Kathy Hochul, in her insane “pave the suburbs” mass high-density housing plans - that would jam over 10,000 new apartments into Huntington.

Worse, McKay - an unpleasant, rumpled man with a crude manner - has taken to shouting at Town Board meetings, where he insults women, veterans and minorities, and makes offensive racial remarks to Town Board members. There is “No Room in Huntington for Hate” - or the likes of Don McKay.

The Leader strongly endorses Brooke Lupinacci and Theresa Mari for Huntington Town Board.


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