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Car Smashes Into Greenvale Jewelry Store

By Maureen Daly Last Monday morning at approximately 6:00 AM a SUV swerved to avoid a collision, and smashed through the front window of Charles Krypell Fine Jewelry store in Greenvale. The driver of the SUV had swerved to avoid a collision with a truck that had run into the intersection at Northern Blvd and Glen Cove Road. The SUV ran straight into the glass windows of the jewelry store, with only the back part of the vehicle showing to the street. Glass and debris was scattered on the sidewalk and street. The jewelry store was only built a few years ago at the busy intersection.

Thankfully, the SUV driver suffered only minor injuries, and the truck driver was not injured.

The SUV careened through the window of the store facing onto Northern Boulevard.

According to Nassau Police, the SUV stopped only after hitting a display case inside the store. The display case was empty and the store was closed at the time of the accident.

No jewelry was damaged or missing, and no charges were filed according to Nassau Police.


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