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Centerport Bald Eagle Found Dead

By Nolan Cleary

A famed bald Eagle from Centerport was reported dead last week.

The male bald Eagle - nicknamed “Dad” - had reportedly produced 13 eaglets over the course of five years, was estimated to be 14 or 15 years old. The Bald Eagles of Centerport Facebook page made the announcement in a recent post.

According to Rob Schwartz, who heads the Bald Eagles of Centerport, the eagle’s cause of death is a mystery, though he did claim it had showed signs of decline in the final days of its life.

“Over the last week to 10 days he was unable to keep his balance. He was having a hard time sticking landings, and no one had seen him fishing. He was so degraded.” Schwartz said.

The eagle was found in the Spring Pond by Schwartz’s wife Liz, who realized the eagle was in trouble. Robert Horvath from Wildlife In Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation removed the eagle from the water, and brought it to safety.

During the attempt, Horvath became stuck in the pond’s mud. A fire team arrived for assistance, bringing Horvath to a hospital where he was treated for hypothermia. Horvath’s wife Kathy treated the eagle, though it ultimately passed away.

Dad and the eaglets gained popularity after Swartz spotted them for the first time more than five years ago. The birds have gained mass attention from photographers, and became an attraction of the community.


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