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Child Masking Harms Children

For nearly two years our children have been gagged with surgical masks - often for 10 or more hours a day, five or more days a week.

When the Covid pandemic began - and so much was unknown - there might have been some justification. But after two years, neither the science nor the medical data support child masking. Even worse, the harmful effects of child masking have been documented and are already apparent.

So the announcement last week by Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman that he is ordering an end to mandatory masking of school children is a welcome one. And Blakeman is not alone: Governor Glenn Youngkin just issued a similar Order ending forced child masking in Virginia; and Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law last year against forced masking in Florida. As did the Governors of another two dozen states - both Republicans and Democrats.

After two years of Covid, the science shows that it is a disease most deadly to the elderly, infirm, and immuno-compromised. Children are barely affected by Covid, with a Covid mortality rate is so low, that more children die from Covid adverse vaccine reactions, than from the actual disease.

And test after test show that masking of children does little or nothing to slow the spread of the highly contagious Covid virus. Loose fitting surgical or cloth masks do not protect against the spread of Covid.

But the negative health consequences to children of prolonged mask wearing are increasingly clear - and devastating - elevated CO2 levels in the blood; skin rashes and breakouts; social alienation; reduced learning; reduced intelligence; IQ levels dropping 15 points below normal; the prolonged inhalation and ingestion of the chemicals imbedded in cheap surgical masks. Over 100,000 mostly young people now die each year of drug overdoses - a huge increase from pre-pandemic levels, and a reflection of the hopelessness, depression and feelings of suffocation caused by forced masking.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control - Europe's CDC - recommends AGAINST children under 12 being masked. And they recommend masking for those over 12 only where is a high threat of community spread. In short, a more nuanced, scientific approach.

The time is long past, when children in New York should be free to breathe and interact without masks. There is no "science" or "medicine" behind forced child masking - only politics.


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