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Councilman Caught On Tape in Revenge Threats

by Nick Alberigo

Huntington Councilman Mark Cuthbertson was caught and recorded this week on a homeowners ring camera making threats of retaliation against town employees supporting his election opponent for Suffolk Legislator, educator Stephanie Bontempi.

"First we are going to win this," stated Cuthbertson on the recording. "Then we are going to get Andy."

The "Andy" referred to in Cuthbertson's threat is Huntington Town Clerk Andrew Raia, who is openly supporting Stephanie Bontempi in the election.

Raia's mother, former longtime Town Clerk Joann Raia recently blasted Cuthbertson for mailing explicitly sexist and misogynistic flyers distorting Bontempi's features by adding ugly wrinkles and lines on her face, bugging out her eyes, and exaggerating her chin - all to try to make Bontempi look less attractive.

Cuthbertson "became enraged" after Joann Raia called him out on it - as a Misogynist for his sexist attacks in his mailings. Joann Raia's condemnation of Cuthbertson was made in an open "Letter to the Huntington Community" - which was published in several newspapers, including the Leader.

"Mark is threatening me after he plans on winning," stated Andrew Raia. "Desperate people do desperate things...People should be allowed to support the candidates they choose to, without the threat of retaliation."

Cuthbertson, a Democrat, has held office on the Huntington Town Council for 22 years.

Stephanie Bontempi, a Republican, is making her first run for office. She works as a teacher and educator, currently teaching at the Greenvale School in Oyster Bay. Bontempi has two Masters degrees, speaks five languages, and lives in Centerport with her husband and teenage daughter.

The north shore 18th legislative district includes Cold Spring Harbor, Lloyd Harbor, Huntington, Centerport, Greenlawn, and Northport.


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