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Critics Call-Out Lafazan's "No Self-Promoting Bill" as "Pure Hypocrisy"

By Rupert Deedes

Local newspapers and citizen groups are calling out Nassau Legislator Joshua Lafazan (D-Syosset) for his latest act of political hypocrisy: Introducing a bill - and blatantly self-promoting press campaign - to "ban" self-promotional naming on county signs and literature.

Critics note that Lafazan is one of the "worst offender politicians" by putting his name all over county signs and props, on county property, and in taxpayer-funded county mailings.

Lafazan introduced a bill on August 21st, that would ban the listing of public official's names on county signage. He then held a press campaign, where he attacked other county officials - but promoted himself.

Except that Lafazan is notorious for his own self-promotion - by using taxpayer money.

Lafazan routinely reproduces county grant checks - paid by the taxpayers - but changes the payor signature to his own name "Joshua Lafazan." And he recently sent-out two taxpayer-funded glossy newsletters with his name prominently displayed.

In a story last week in LI Uncovered News, under "Lafazan Hypocrisy," the newspaper notes that "At least three ethics complaints have been filed against Nassau Legis. Joshua Lafazan, a Woodbury Democrat, who says he is running again this November for the county legislature even though he spends most of his time running for the Congressional District 3 seat now held by Republican George Santos."

"There are a lot of photos of you presenting checks with your name on them," added Chris Boyle, the Nassau Communications Director. "Who paid for these ceremonial checks. Seems like they were made to promote a certain politician."

"Lafazan is just the worst," noted ethics attorney Mark Demetropoulos. "He is the definition of lying, scamming, and pure hypocrisy."


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