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CSH Students Win DNA Sequencing Award

By Priya Persaud

Four High School scientists from the Cold Spring Harbor School District were recognized by Suffolk Legislator Stephanie Bontempi for their cutting-edge research regarding the sequencing of mosquito DNA.

The four who sequenced the mosquito DNA are Sophie Cohen, Veronica Walkin, Jenna Schetty, and Madison Brass.

According to Bontempi, the completed scientific work is of such a high caliber that it was accepted for publication in a database for the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a section of the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“To say that these young ladies are inspiring is an understatement," stated Bontempi. "That such an accomplishment was achieved before even graduating high school is mind-boggling. At this rate, these students are, without question, on track to even greater contributions to the field of science in the very near future.”

When the collaborative mosquito DNA sequencing data is published in the NIH’s database, other scientists can access the data and apply it to future studies and research work. Essentially, the scientific work completed by these students has great potential to impact its scientific field.

According to the Cold Spring Harbor School District, these students received proclamations for their scientific accomplishments from the Suffolk County Legislature.


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