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Dave Franklin for North Hempstead Town Board

In this Port Washington, Manhasset and Roslyn district, the incumbent Mariann Dalimonte is facing off against former Port Washington Police Commissioner Dave Franklin.

Franklin is an accomplished figure - having professionalized the local Police into one of the most capable, professional and well-regarded police forces in New York. He is a longtime Port Washington community leader.

Dalimonte aspires to be Port Washington's "Boss Tweed." She led the Town Democrats' "Book Ban" to ban newspapers she didn't like; and the "Lurvey-mander" to gerrymander the council districts - disenfranchising some 25,000 minority voters to give her favored white liberals a double vote. She is also facing ethics charges for conflicts of interest in a Town real estate deal. This is not a close call:

The Leader endorses Dave Franklin for North Hempstead Town Board.


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