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Dem Nominee Field Facing Ethics Charges

by Maureen Daly

The Democratic nominee for Oyster Bay Supervisor, Amanda Field, is facing ethics charges for lying on her financial disclosures to conceal outside income from the rental of an illegal basement apartment.

Field, age 44, is an elected member of the Plainview Water District board, and was nominated by the Democrats this year for their town races in Oyster Bay.

Field filed her mandatory government Financial Disclosure on May 9, 2021, which covered the calendar year 2020. Under the law, Field was required to list all outside income, under section 3 Financial Interests. When asked about rental income, Field answered "None."

But in a 2021 Court proceeding between Field and her tenant, Stephen Aliperti, both Field and Aliperti acknowledged that he had paid Field $6,600.00 in rent during 2020. The rent was paid for an illegal basement apartment maintained by Field in her house in Old Bethpage.

That concealment of income by Field is now the subject of a sweeping Ethics Complaint filed before the Board of Ethics and the Inspector General. Because Field is an elected official, her concealment faces disciplinary action, fines of up to $10,000.00, and potential criminal charges.

Field did not return calls to comment about the charges.


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