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Dems Inject Deep-Fake into GOP Primary

By Niall Fitzgerald and Chris O'Neill

The campaign mailers claim "the Name is Bond, Michelle Bond...," and "Never Shaken..." in reference to the James Bond movies. Except almost everything about this dubious US Congress candidate is fake - Even the name "Bond" is fake.

"Bond is a Nancy Pelosi 'Fembot' - a plant from the Washington Democrats. She's like one of the robot female assassins from the Bond spoof Austin Powers - a fake, a lifelong Obama Democrat, looking to attack the Republican Party from within. Don't be fooled," warned former GOP candidate Mark Demetropoulos.

Thanks to the Democrats raiding the Republican Party, there will be a Republican primary for Congress on August 23rd, in the new NY-1, which includes Huntington, Smithtown, St James, Port Jefferson, and the East End. Bond appeared out of nowhere in June to create a Republican primary against Nick LaLota, the endorsed Republican and Conservative nominee.

But who is this "Bond" really ? Our research indicates that she is 43-year-old DC Democrat Lobbyist. A lifelong registered Democrat. A former Obama staffer.

She only rented an apartment in Port Jefferson and switched her registration to Republican - in June - just in time to file for Congress. Her real home is in Potomac, Maryland. Her lobbying clients do millions of dollars of business with the Washington DC Democrats - Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. And a staggering $1 million has suddenly "appeared" in her campaign war chest.

Our research uncovered that Bond's real name is "Michelle Begonja" - the Yugoslav name of her immigrant parents - which she disliked. She moved to Washington 25 years ago, where she started using the invented name "Bond."

Her legal married name is "Michelle Adams" - after her much older husband. They are now separated, but have two children together - both whom go to school in the Washington, DC area.

She and her new boyfriend, a 29-year old crypo-currency multi-millionaire named Ryan Salome - who is a resident of the Bahamas - just bought a $4 million mansion in the DC suburb of Potomac, Maryland - where, on June 18, 2022 - four weeks ago - they hosted a very public house-warming party.

Bond has virtually no ties to New York. She is an obvious plant to fund a negative advertising campaign against LaLota, who will be the Republican nominee.

But the "Bond" candidacy does not come out of nowhere: it is part of a cunning national strategy - by the Democratic National Committee - to fund fake candidates and meddle in Republican primaries. The DNC is doing this all across America, to waste the campaign resources and weaken the ultimate Republican nominees.

Nick LaLota, the endorsed Republican candidate, is a former elected Trustee of Amityville, and serves as the Chief of Staff to the Republican majority in the Suffolk Legislature. He has managed local campaigns, including Eugene Cook for Huntington Supervisor. He is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, and serves as an officer in the US Naval Reserves.

The Democratic National Committee is backing "shills" and fake candidates all across America - as part of what they call their "Pied Piper" strategy - to target and weaken Republicans like LaLota. And they are spending over $100 million to do it.

According to an article published last week in the political journal The Week, the Democrats' "Pied Piper" strategy was created in 2015 by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and recorded in a written Memo to the DNC:

"We must elevate extreme 'Pied Piper' candidates in the Republican primaries..." said the Clinton Memo, "to force all Republican candidates to adopt extreme positions and prevent the eventual GOP nominee from making inroads to our coalition or independents..."

Out of the $100 million being spent by the Democrats this year to raid Republican primaries, they spent $1 million to promoting a candidate in the Maryland GOP primary for Governor; $33 million to attack Mayor Richard Irvin in the Illinois GOP primary for Governor; $2.5 million to promote a fake candidate in the Colorado GOP primary for US Senate; and $1 million to influence the Pennsylvania GOP primary for Governor. And there are dozens of other such races are raiding the GOP.

"Bond is an Obama Democrat lawyer and an impostor," stated Huntington GOP Chair Tom McNally. "Our Republican voters will see through this cynical deception to try to steal a Republican nomination, with Democrat money from liberal mega-donors."


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