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Destroying Local Elections in New York

We warned you about what happens in a “one-party state.” Now it’s too late.

If you want democratic elections, New York needed to maintain divided government, with Democrats controlling some branches, and Republicans controlling at least other branch. That’s called “checks and balances” and “separation of powers…”

Now - with the Democrats controlling EVERY part of state government, they are moving to destroy the independence of the town and county governments - many of which are majority Republican.

A Bill introduced by hard left Democrats in the Legislature to abolish odd-year town and county elections - everywhere except New York City - is now almost certain to be rammed through this week.

The intention is 100% political - and right out of the Tammany Hall playbook.

Local elections happen now on odd years, and federal and state elections in even years.

That gives voters a chance to focus on local elections - and not have those elections “drowned-out” under huge money elections for US President or NYS Governor.

And for the Democrats - that’s the problem. They don’t want people to scrutinize local elections. They just want Democrats to win - everything.

Assemblywoman Gina Sillitti (D-Port Washington) sponsored the Assembly Bill (A04282-B). And now Governor Hochul and the Democratic leadership in the Legislature are making it a “priority” before ending their session this week.

One party rule hates competitive elections. And hates dissent. It is the nemesis of democracy.

Sadly it’s probably too late to stop the systematic destruction of competitive democracy in New York.

What a tragedy - and a disgrace.


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