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Don't Give Up on Ukraine

Two years ago, Russia under its dictator President Vladimir Putin invaded the neighboring Ukraine - with the intention of conquering the smaller democratic nation, incorporating it under Russia, and rebuilding his dream of "reuniting the Slavic core of the old Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) into a into new superpower.

Putin's scheme is a direct threat to America and the West's NATO alliance. Putin's objective to gather enough people and power to again directly threaten America. He aims to re-create a rival superpower to challenge America.  To reverse the end of the Cold War - and launch a new one.

Putin's 2022 invasion was the first ground invasion by a major power in Europe, since Hitler launched World War II. And only by sheer luck - and the determination of the Ukrainians not to be subjugated - have Putin's plans been thwarted.The lifeline of weapons and supplies from NATO countries to Ukraine has been essential to stopping the invasion.

So far the value of the aid delivered is over $200 billion, with the US at $70 billion, and the EU states nearly double that.  That might seem like a lot of money, but its is dwarfed by the $1.4 trillion annual US Defense budget.  In other words, the US has spent barely 3% of US Defense expenditures on providing aid to Ukraine,

And even those numbers are deceptive.  The US supplies Ukraine with mostly "surplus" American weapons - retired fighter jets; old de-commissioned battle tanks; rifles that are warehoused and no longer in use; last-generation artillery and combat missiles. The "price" of those items is illusory: they are already "junk" waiting to be scrapped for the cost of their metal.

In many, very real ways, Ukraine is fighting America's war.  The Ukrainians are fighting and dying to keep Russia from becoming the direct threat to America that Putin openly wants.  Ukrainian soldiers are fighting - and dying - so that young Americans - and Germans, French and British - don't have to.

After a disastrous invasion - Putin is re-grouping and re-arming. Soon Putin will hit the exhausted Ukraine with new offensives.  

NATO's "front line' states - Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia - are all planning for Putin to launch attacks on them in 2-4 years - if he conquers Ukraine.

The Biden administration has proposed another $60 billion in military and economic assistance for Ukraine.  Its seems a "no-brainer:" give Ukraine the weapons it needs to drive out Russia; and stop Putin from seizing the territory and subject people he needs to relaunch the Soviet Empire.

Unfortunately a faction of Republicans in Congress has fastened on the Ukraine aid package as a wedge against Biden.  It is a foolish and dangerous position to take: imperiling America's national security to score political points.  The Republican leadership is talking with the White House about passing the Ukraine aid.

Let's not "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory." Let's please pass the Ukraine aid package and help both the people of Ukraine - and ourselves. 


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