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East Meadow Newcomers Want to take Politics Out of Schools

By Maureen Daly


The East Meadow school district, known for its often heated school board elections, has a chance to take politics out of the schools, thanks to two teachers who are running to elect a “non-partisan” board.


Maria Talluto and Nikole DeLuca, two educators, stepped up to run under the banner of “Educators for Education.”


Maria Talluto and Nikole DeLuca seek to empower students and educators, including giving parents a stronger voice in their children’s education.


“Maria and Nikole want us to rise above politics and see our true purpose for what it really is: to make the East Meadow School District the best place to receive an education on Long Island,” stated their campaign literature.


The Leader has covered explosive scandals in the East Meadow Schools recently, including a sexualized curriculum, a multi-million dollar lawsuit alleging discrimination, and past reports of financial mismanagement of the schools from the NY State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli (D-Great Neck).


Opposing Talluto and DeLuca are two hard left-wing candidates: incumbent Eileen Napolitano and first-time candidate Razia Jayman-Aristide, who are running under the “Walk the Walk" platform.


“The time is now to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk,” stated Napolitano in a joint campaign video.


Napolitano ran unsuccessfully several times for political office as a left-wing candidate against Tom McKevitt, the Deputy Presiding Officer of the Nassau County Legislature.


In her past races, Napolitano transferred close to $10,000 from her campaign committee to the Democratic Party, and is often active on Twitter promoting a left-wing, anti-parent school agenda, while “trolling” and “mocking” local Republican elected officials - calling them “Losers...”


Voters from across Long Island head to the polls on May 21st to decide who controls our schools.


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