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Ed Romaine for Suffolk County Executive

After 20 years of Democrats holding the top job in Suffolk government, it's time for a change.

Ed Romaine (R) is the Supervisor of Brookhaven, at nearly 500,000 people, Suffolk's largest town. Romaine has real experience - he previously served as Suffolk County Clerk, and a County Legislator. He knows Suffolk government.

But Romaine has something better - real success: As Supervisor he guided the "Brookhaven Renaissance." Go to Patchogue, Ronkonkoma, Moriches or Port Jefferson - and see the downtown renewals. That is "brick and mortar" revival - with great restaurants, nightclubs, museums, hotels and downtown libraries replacing some formerly sketchy down towns. And he did it without new taxes.

Romaine's Democratic opponent, David Calone seems to spend his time attacking Romaine. Not coming forward with any new ideas. His attacks on Romaine - such as dredging up the old "Crookhaven" line from the 1970's - is so dated and irrelevant as to be a joke. Romaine should be judged on his decade of governing Brookhaven - which as been an undeniable success.

The Leader strongly endorses Ed Romaine for Suffolk County Executive


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