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Edward Scott Running for North Hempstead Council to “Get Things Done”

By Chris O’Neill

If you drive down Willis Ave in Albertson, you might notice landscaping improvements, construction of a veterans memorial, and the restoration of a crumbling gazebo. What you may not know is that the man who has been fighting for many of these improvements - and gotten them all done - is Edward Scott. Edward Scott is a NYPD retired sergeant and 9/11 first responder. In 2012, Scott became President of the Albertson Square Civic Association. Since then, the Albertson community has drastically improved, including turning a dormant sump into a park, which now features a clock tower, trees benches, and landscaping. “When I first became President of the civic, there were a ton of issues facing our community,” said Scott. “I worked diligently with my neighbors to hold our elected officials accountable and demand results.” Scott says if you know him, you know he is relentless in his doing what’s right for the people. In 2021, Scott learned that commissioners in the local water district were voting to give themselves free lifetime benefits at taxpayers expense. Scott took them on. “When I told my neighbors that what the commissioners were doing wasn’t right, they said ‘that’s government and things will never change,” said Scott. “But I wasn’t buying it.” Scott filed petitions to challenge the incumbent in the election, and he won by a vote of 536 to 180 - a landslide. “I kept my promise and immediately stopped plans for lifetime benefits. I also turned down close to $30,000 in annual health insurance benefits offered to Water Commissioners,” said Scott. Now, Scott is taking his fight to the North Hempstead Town Council. “We have a sitting Councilman who is not interested in taking a proactive role in our community,” said Scott. “He only shows up for photo-ops, or during election season.” “We need a Councilman who is on the ground every day seeing what the problems are and resolving them. We should never settle for anything less.”


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