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Endorsement: Aamir Sultan for NYS Assembly (District 10)

The most important issue this year is repealing the Democrats disastrous "No bail" laws that have unleashed a violent crime wave across New York.

Aamir Sultan is making history as the first South Asian to run for office in Suffolk County. He is a successful tech entrepreneur, with a very nice family, living in Dix Hills.

Sultan will vote to repeal the "No bail" laws and give Judges back the power to jail violent criminals. And he strongly supports parents' rights to raise their own children. He is pro-small business, and pro-family.

The Democrat, Steve Stern, is a two-term incumbent, after having served a decade as a county legislator. Stern supported the "No bail" laws - which disqualifies him for re-election.

The Leader endorses Aaamir Sultan for State Assembly.


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