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Endorsement: Jack Martins for NYS Senate (District 7)

The election for NYS Senate District 7 (North Hempstead, Glen Cove, Locust Valley, Oyster Bay) pits former Senator Jack Martins against two-term Democrat incumbent Anna Kaplan. The choice is clear: Jack Martins.

Jack Martins served three terms as Senator where he was a leader in pro-small business initiatives and pro-environment successes. He did more than any state official to protect Long Island's precious groundwater - our "sole-source aquifer."

And he was a capable fighter to protect Long Island's homeowners and small businesses. He enacted the "2% tax cap" to stop tax increases - which kept state spending and taxation under control during former Governor Cuomo's first term. And he repealed the MTA tax and cut tax NYS rates to the lowest level in 60 years. It is a record to be proud of.

Anna Kaplan by contrast has been a political disaster. Since being elected in 2018, she ended the 2% tax cap, raised taxes, and voted for the disastrous "No Cash Bail" laws that have caused a violent crime explosion in New York. For four years she has been a thoughtless "yes" vote to every crazy "de-fund the police" and "social justice" initiative pushed by the City-based Senate leadership. And she is quick to use the most poisonous, divisive rhetoric to attack others - adding personally to the toxic political environment we all suffer under. We do not need an angry viper who spits venom.

Jack Martins has been a fighter for all of us on Long Island. We need him back in the NYS Senate. The Leader proudly endorses Jack Martins for NYS Senate.


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