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Endorsement: Keith Brown for NYS Assembly (District 12)

Keith Brown has served as the NYS Assemblyman for four years, succeeding Any Raia who is now Huntington Town Clerk.

Brown, a Republican, has done all the right things for Long Island: opposing the "no bail" laws that unleashed a crime wave across New York; supporting local business and home rule; and opposed - successfully so far - the horrible intiatives prposed by Governor Kathy Hochul to "abolish the suburbs" by outlawing single family zoning and trying to destroy local offyear elections.

Brown has been a courageous voice for Huntington.

Brown's Democratic opponent, Cooper Macco, promises to follow the urban "Hochul agenda" favors, kickbacks, political dirty tricks, and disdain for suburban life. Macco supports keeping the "No bail" laws and the pro-criminal justice initiatives of the one-party Democratic state government.

The new Assembly district 12 stretches across the north shore of Huntington, from Northport to Cold Spring Harbor.

The Leader endorses Keith Brown for NYS Assembly.


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