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Endorsement: Lee Zeldin for Governor

Primary elections for New York Governor and State Assembly will be held on June 28th. Because of the now-rejected gerrymander by the one-party Democratic legislature, a second round of primary elections for US Congress and State Senate will be held on August 23rd.

The Leader will be endorsing in both the Republican and Democratic primaries. This week the Republican primary:

Republican for Governor - Lee Zeldin

For the first time in 20 years - since the 2002 re-election of Governor George Pataki - Republicans have a chance to win the election for Governor. Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Suffolk) is the clear choice. Only Lee Zeldin can win.

Zeldin served four years as a State Senator and eight years as a US Congressman. He understands both the deep dysfunctionality of New York's state government Albany, and has the national ties and experience we need if we are going to save New York. We need a Governor who is not afraid of the challenges and obstacles - and that is Lee Zeldin.

Before holding office, Zeldin served as an officer in the US Army in Iraq. While overseas, his then-pregnant wife went into premature labor at 26 weeks. Lee was flown home - and both his twin girls were saved. They are now beautiful 15-year old high school girls.

New York is being destroyed by the malign - often insane - polices of Gov Kathy Hochul and the one-party Democratic state legislature. The Democrats unleashed a crime wave with their “no bail” reform - destroying our public safety. Every category of crime is up. Senior citizens, children, parents are being randomly murdered. The NYC subways are a disgusting and dangerous crime zone. Zeldin promises to end the "no bail" reform, arrest criminals, remove DA's who refuse to prosecute crimes, and stop the crime wave.

The Democrats presided over the destruction of 1 million small businesses in New York. That is three to four million people, whose family business - often their life's work - was just destroyed. It is increasingly impossible for small and mid-size business to compete and survive in New York. That is why over 1 million New Yorkers have moved-away - mostly to Florida - over just the past three years. Zeldin is pro-small business and knows how to stop the destructive bureaucracy of New York.

Zeldin is facing a primary challenge from three opponents. None have Zeldin's record of winning tough elections, cutting taxes, controlling government, fighting crime, and uniting people of diverse backgrounds to support Republican policies.

Zeldin unifies the Republican and Conservative Party lines - both of which every winning Republican historically must have to win. Zeldin's primary opponents are being actively promoted by Hochul and the Democrats. Why ? The politics of divide and conquer. The Democrats know that only Zeldin can win - so they will try to waste his resources and split his vote. Let's not let them succeed.

The Leader enthusiastically endorses Lee Zeldin for Governor.


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