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Endorsement: Nick LaLota for US Congress

Republicans Beware - Nancy Pelosi and the Washington Democrats are injecting and funding fake candidates into Republican primaries all across America. And Long Island's Republican primary in District 1 (Huntington, Smithtown, Pt Jefferson, East End) is their latest target. That is why every Republican must vote for Nick Lalota. The Republican and Conservative parties have unanimously endorsed LaLota - a former Amityville Trustee, US Navy officer, and current Chief of Staff to the Suffolk Legislature Republican majority, to run for Congress in NY1. LaLota is a solid Republican conservative, a family man, and a US military veteran. The Democrats have endorsed liberal Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming as their candidate. But the DC Democrats are not content to run a straight election. In a devious ploy called the "Pied Piper Strategy" the Democrats are raiding Republican primaries with fake candidates. And they are spending over $100 million nationally to fool Republican voters. In June, a woman named "Michelle Bond" appeared out of nowhere - rented a short-term lease apartment in Port Jefferson - re-registered from being a lifelong Democrat in Washington DC, to a Republican in New York. She then filed over 1000 signatures - collected by the Democrats - to run on Long Island for US Congress. And she declared over $1 million in Democratic money had arrived into her campaign account. Almost nothing about the "Bond candidacy" is real. Even her name "Bond" is fake. A fictional, made-up name. Her real name is "Begonja." The dishonesty of the "Bond" candidacy and the Democrats' "Pied Piper" strategy is breathtaking. It is literally injecting fake candidates into Republican primaries and then running the most slanderous and dishonest ads to try to smear and fool Republican voters. And in many places, the Democrats are getting away with it. In Illinois, the Democrats spent $33 million - yes $33 million - in the GOP primary to target and smear the most formidable Republican as “a RINO," an "Obama-lover" and a "sellout," the same smears being used here by Pelosi and Bond. Politics can be an ugly and dishonest business. But the Democrats "Pied Piper" strategy takes it to a whole new fraudulent level. The Republican Primary is on August 23rd. With early voting starting two weeks earlier. Let no Republican be fooled. "Michelle Bond" is a fake. A put-up Washington DC Democrat who is impersonating a Republican. No one locally has ever met or heard of her before. She is Nancy Pelosi's creature - running in exchange for who knows what from Pelosi and the Biden administration. Every Republican needs to vote - and vote for Nick LaLota for US Congress


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