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Endorsement NY2 Andrew Garbarino

The race for US Congress in the 2nd District (Babylon, Islip, Patchogue) pits Republican Congressman Andrew Garbarino against Democrat challenger Jackie Gordon. The race is a repeat of the election from two years ago, when Garbarino defeated Gordon by 25,000 votes.

Garbarino has been a solid, and often courageous, advocate for Long Island. He served four distinguished terms in the NYS Assembly. In Congress, Garbarino voted to approve the 2020 election - after all challenges had failed - and backed infrastructure funds for Long Island. On those votes, he bucked former President Donald Trump, who then helped cook-up a Republican primary. Garbarino won the primary strongly.

Gordon is a repeat candidate, who embraces the failed Biden policies - and calls for more. More "wokeness". More irresponsible fiscal policy. More foreign policy disasters. Gordon is repeating the same empty Washington DC Democratic talking points.

The Leader endorses Andrew Garbarino for US Congress.


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