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Endorsement: Robert Zimmerman for US Congress

Six years ago this newspaper endorsed Tom Suozzi in the Democratic primary for the open seat for US Congress. We chose well.

This year, the choice is also clear: Robert Zimmerman, New York's Democratic National Committeeman, close ally of President Joe Biden, and the endorsed candidate of all the Democratic Party committees in the new 3rd District (Towns of Oyster Bay, North Hempstead and NE Queens).

Zimmerman is a lifelong progressive Democrat - holding presidential appointments from Presidents Obama and Clinton, and receiving the endorsement of the AFL-CIO, Hillary Clinton, all the local labor unions, and the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

This newspaper will likely differ with Zimmerman on many policies - just as we often differed with Tom Suozzi - but Zimmerman has a well-earned reputation for honesty, integrity, and holding to his liberal and progressive positions. His positions are backed by his progressive beliefs, and he's not for sale.

The same can not be said of his leading rival in the Democratic primary, the slippery 28-year-old Joshua Lafazan, a Nassau County Legislator. Lafazan changes his political principles like someone changes their dirty socks.

Lafazan was re-elected last year as the nominee of the anti-abortion - and pro-Trump - Conservative Party. Two months later, Lafazan changed his registration to Democrat - just to run for Congress. Now Lafazan claims that he "was always" anti-Trump and supported "women's right to choose." A blatant lie.

Lafazan used to hang-out at the all-male Mill River Gun Club in Glen Cove, socializing with the NRA, and talking about how "pro-Second Amendment" and "pro gun rights" he was. Now he claims the opposite, and says he "was always" for gun control. Another blatant lie.

During the Trump administration - Lafazan told this newspaper that he was considering re-registering as a Republican. And he attended Republican fund-raisers. Now Lafazan claims he "was always" a progressive Democrat. Yet another lie.

In 2020, Lafazan sucked-up to progressive groups protesting the George Floyd murder. But in 2021, Lafazan flipped 180 degrees, and tried to court the police. He even sponsored an anti-civil rights, Nazi-era law to allow the police to arrest or sue the George Floyd protesters - for "annoying" or "discriminating" against the police. The NAACP was outraged and came to the Nassau Legislature - with 300 protestors - to stop Lafazan, calling him a "Liar," a "Racist," and a "Fascist."

Lafazan cried like a baby in front of the 300 protestors, but then mopped his tears and joined the Republicans to push through his anti-civil rights Police bill. The NAACP, former Councilwoman Tracey Edwards, Congressman Tom Suozzi and NY Attorney General Letitia James all denounced Lafazan's bill, and County Executive Laura Curran vetoed the bill - killing it.

Do Democrats really want such an embarrassing and unprincipled operative like Lafazan for US Congress ?

Thankfully, Democrats have a real Democrat in Robert Zimmerman - a lifelong Democrat - who has been there with Presidents Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Clinton. The Leader endorses Robert Zimmerman in the Democratic Primary for US Congress.


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