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Endorsement: Ruka Anzai for NYS Assembly (District 13)

The heavily-gerrymandered 13th Assembly district has elected a Democrat for over 40 years. This year, the Republicans are making history, by running Ruka Anzai, the first Japanese-American woman to run for office ever on Long Island.

Ruka Anzai is a single mother, and successful IT executive. She was born in Japan, and is raising her 10-year-old son in Jericho.

Anzai stresses that the most important thing for a new Assemblywoman to do, will be to repeal the disastrous "No bail" laws that have created a crime wave in New York. She is pro-homeowner, pro-business, and pro-family.

The Democrats are running Charles Lavine, an 18-year incumbent of the State Assembly, who also served on the Glen Cove City Council. This newspaper has endorsed Lavine in the past. Normally, we would credit Lavine for taking a lead as Judiciary Chairman, in the Impeachment of former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

But Lavine's "go-slow" approach to the serious horrors Cuomo inflicted on New York's nursing homes - resulting in the gruesome deaths of 15,000 New York seniors - killed by unnecessarily exposing the most vulnerable seniors to Covid - is an example of the corrupt Albany game of mutual protection.

The Leader endorses Ruka Anzai for NYS Assembly.


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