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Endorsement: Tom Suozzi for Governor

US Congressman Tom Suozzi (D-Glen Cove) should be a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

A common-sense pragmatic Democrat, who was a highly-successful Mayor of Glen Cove, a two-term County Executive of Nassau County, and a three-term leader in the US Congress - co-founder of the bi-partisan "Problem Solvers Caucus." Suozzi blends the best of progressive values with a hard-headed practical approach to keeping people safe, fighting for good jobs, and promoting independent small businesses.

Sadly, Suozzi is facing a political monster - the "accidental" Governor Kathy Hochul. There is no payoff too big, no bribe too trivial, and no civil right too sacred that can deter Hochul from trampling over ordinary people in her pursuit of money and power. Just last week, Hochul bundled $1 billion in taxpayer money into a private Buffalo Stadium deal where her casino lobbyist husband and his firm stand to pocket tens of millions. A deal so corrupt it would make Boss Tweed blush.

Suozzi's tenure in Nassau and Glen Cove was marked by dramatic quality of life initiatives. The Glen Cove downtown and Garvies Point developments. The re-habilitation of the Nassau County Legislative Building - formerly a dilapidated mess with grass growing on the domed roof - into a beautifully-restored historical jewel.

For Democratic voters, there is a clear choice. The Leader proudly endorses Tom Suozzi for Governor.


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