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Endorsement: Vincent Puleo for Suffolk Clerk

Republicans in Suffolk are facing a primary against their chosen nominee, Vincent Puleo. It is being choreographed and run by the Democrats. Republicans should not be fooled.

Four years ago, the incumbent County Clerk, Judy Pasquale faced certain defeat - from a coalition of minor parties and the Democrats. Instead, Republican leaders went to work. An alternate deal was worked-out, between the Republicans and the minor parties, where Pasquale - already 73 years old - would get another four year term, and then retire, in favor of Smithtown Town Clerk, Vincent Puleo.

Pasquale took her four year term - earning over $1.2 million in public salary and pension payments. Now - age 76 - she decided to go back on the deal. She reached-out to the Democrats to help her run a primary. She hired Democratic attorneys. And she decided to become a re-born "woke" progressive, spouting leftist nonsense, like calling Latinos the condescending leftist term "Latinex."

Vincent Puleo is an honorable man. He is the unanimous designee of the Republican convention, and already the nominee of the Conservative Party. He has been an innovative and user-friendly Town Clerk in Smithtown. But most importantly, he doesn't just abandon his dignity and principles - and he keeps his word. He will be a capable and competent County Clerk.

The Leader endorses Vincent Puleo for Suffolk Clerk.


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