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Ex-Crypto Candidate Michelle Bond Might Lose $4M Maryland House

By Chris O'Neill

This past summer, Michelle Bond, the girlfriend of 29-year-old Crypto-currency exec Ryan Salame - himself the Co-CEO of indicted FTX crypto-fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried ("SBF") - parachuted into Long Island to dump $5 million on a failed GOP political primary for US Congress.

Bond used the James Bond-inspired slogan "the Name is Bond, Michelle Bond...," but this newspaper and others exposed Bond as a deep-fake whose real name wasn't even "Bond" - but "Bogonja." She was a DC lobbyist, who had been a registered Democrat and Obama staffer before re-registering and renting an apartment in Port Jefferson. The Leader sarcastically labeled her a "Not James Bond, more like a Nancy Pelosi Fembot..."

Now, with the multi-billion dollar, "ponzi scheme" bankruptcy of SBF and Salame's firm FTX, the Court Trustee is looking to recover all the stolen funds - including potentially Bond's $4million mansion in Potomac, Maryland.

Bond was part of what the Democrats described as their ‘Pied Piper strategy’, created in 2015 by the Hillary Clinton campaign, meant to weaken Republican candidates by injecting fake candidates into Republican primaries. Their hope was that the false flags would doom the Republican nominee during the general election if their candidate won the primary or, if the plant won the general election, to have a stooge false flag in power.

Bond was not successful. The Republican candidate, Nick LaLota, won both the GOP nomination and the general election.

But Bond was part of something even bigger than the Pied Piper strategy: The crypto-Currency backers injecting over $71 million to infiltrate and influence Congress and the U.S. government.

The goal was to have the U.S. Congress declare crypto-currencies like Bitcoin “legal tender” to pay debts and obligations and to exempt crypto-currency exchanges from regulation by the US Federal Reserve system.

Such legalization would spur the usage of crypto-currencies in the U.S. economy resulting in increasingly larger sections of the U.S. economy not being subject to U.S. monetary policy, eventually leading to a weaker America both at home and abroad.

SBF gave more than $40 million in stolen FTX money - for Democratic candidates - this past election cycle (he also donated $10 million to Biden’s campaign), while Salame put out almost $23 million for Republican candidates, including a massive $5 million for his girlfriend Bond. SBF also gave over $700,000 in stolen FTX money to aging "kid politician" and Nassau Legislator Joshua Lafazan (D-Syosset), in his failed primary bid for US Congress.

Under US Bankruptcy law, the Court Trustee can recapture or "claw back" stolen assets of FTX that were transferred to third parties. And Bond's $4 million Potomoc , Maryland mansion - purchased only six months ago in June, 2022, by her boyfriend Salame for her, would appear to be exactly the kind of "gift" with stolen money that can be clawed back..

SBF has already been arrested. Will Bond boyfriend Ryan Salame be next?

Just before Christmas, Bond resigned as CEO of the Association for Digital Asset Markets ("ADAM"), a lobbying organization that included SBF and Salame’s FTX directors on the ADAM board. As Bond explained on Twitter: “I resigned as CEO of ADAM today. Really proud of my tenure...”


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