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Ex Huntington Lax Star Busted for Home Burglary

By Thomas Nothel


Former Huntington High School lacrosse star Rhamel Bratton was arrested for Burglary and Contempt of Court - and is facing jail for the multiple crimes charged.


Bratton was arrested by the Suffolk County Police Department. He is charged with Burglary second degree: Dwelling. He is alleged to have broken in a home in Huntington, and taken Electronics, Art and money.


He was arraigned on the burglary charge September 28, 2023 in Suffolk County District Court.  Bratton pled not guilty to the charge.  Court records show he was released on non monetary Bail conditions.  His next scheduled court appearance is February 1st in the Court of Judge James McDonough


Bratton was also arrested on a separate court incident.  He is charged with Criminal Contempt degree: Disobeying Court Orders. He is next scheduled to appear on that charge on February 1, 2023 in Suffolk County District Court in the court of Judge Edward Hennessey.  He has pled not guilty to the charge.


Rhamel Bratton is 2007 graduate of Huntington High School.  He was a 3 sport, basketball, and football and lacrosse star.  He was a two time Lacrosse high school all-American.


Bratton and his twin brother Shamel Bratton were among the most sought-after Lacrosse players when they graduated from Huntington High School.  Both went to the University of Virginia.


But a series of scandals and personal "behavioral problems" got both Bratton brothers booted from the UVA Lacrosse team in 2011.


"There are standards of behavior within the framework of the team that we expect to be met by all of our student-athletes," stated former UVA Coach Coach Dom Starsia. "Failure to do so on a consistent basis has resulted in the loss of the privilege of being a member of this team.”


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