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Family Dog Saved from Cesspool Drowning

By Rupert Deedes

Quick thinking on the part of members of the Melville and Huntington Manor Fire Departments helped save a 3-year old Labrador Retriever named "Duke" from an unpleasant fate.

The dog ran into the backyard of his family’s Eastfield Lane home, where a 12-foot deep cesspool was being pumped. The dog did not see the hole, and fell in.

The frantic family called 911, as Duke swam around in the vile muck.

Firefighters who arrived on the scene realized that it would not be easy to rescue the panicked dog, who was whining and panting deep in the hole.

There were also worries about the quality of the air in the hole, as toxic gasses may be fatal.

The cesspool opening was only two feet in diameter, so lowering a firefighter into the hole was not going to be easy.

The firefighters came up with another solution: they decided to lower a ladder into the pool – and the dog appeared to have understood what was expected of him: Duke jumped through the ladder and positioned himself on the lower rung, as the firefighters pulled up the ladder, pulling Duke up to safety.

Duke's family, neighbors, and all the first responders cheered as a smelly, but safe and happy Duke emerged from the Cesspool hole.

Then Duke, as all dogs would do, shook of the sludge, spraying everyone near him with the smelly sewage.


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