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Four Arrested for Dump of Murdered Human Body Parts

By Mike O’Reilly

Last week, a group of students walking along the eastern end of Southards Pond Park in Babylon made a horrible discovery - a severed a human arm in the bushes. That arm - according to the Suffolk County Medical Examiner - belonged to a 53-year-old man who was murdered.

A further search of the area by authorities yielded more of the man’s body parts, as well as body parts from a 59-year-old woman. Police have identified both corpses but have not released their names as of yet.

More human remains were found a few days later in Farmingdale and Babylon State Park.

Suffolk DA Ray Tierney moved fast, and arrested and charged four local residents - but not yet with murder (although sources close to the case expect the addition of murder charges soon).

Arrested are Steven Brown, Jeffrey Mackay, Amanda Wallace, and Alexis Nieves, all of Babylon, charged with concealment of a corpse, hindering prosecution, and tampering with physical evidence.

Since the mutilation and disposal are bizarrely not violent crimes, all four suspects were then released - without bail - under New York’s “bail reform” laws.

“This is yet another absurd result thanks to ‘Bail Reform’ and a system where the Legislature in Albany substitutes their judgment for the judgement of our judges and the litigants on court…” stated DA Tierney.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D-Buffalo) then injected politics into a murder case - attacking Tierney and the Suffolk Police at a press conference - claiming that the police did an "incompetent" investigation.  Hochul has been a key figure behind the "no cash bail" laws that now release tens of thousands of violent criminals into our neighborhoods.


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