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Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses from Ship Collision

By Brahm Lally

A huge container ship  - the MV Dali, a neo - Panamax freighter from Singapore - lost power in Baltimore Harbor and slammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, collapsing the bridge.

The collision occurred at 1:28 AM - and the police on the bridge were able to stop traffic just seconds before the collapse.

But although there were no cars driving over the bridge, there were eight workers doing road repairs on the bridge when it collapsed.

All eight were thrown into the water - and two survived.  One man was plucked out of the water with no injuries, and he went home.  The other man rescued had serious injuries, and he was rushed to a Baltimore hospital for intesive care trwatment. He has since recovered enough to be sent home.

The other six workers were killed.

The bridge collapsed onto the Dali and into the shipping channel - blocking Baltimore Harbor from all ships.


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