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"Gangsta Rapper" Gets Charges Reduced in Glen Cove Mansion Shooting

By Mitch Baxter

Nassau prosecutors reduced the charges this week against the gangsta-rapping felon alleged to have shot three people during a July 2022 rap-and-strippers pool party at The Mansion at Glen Cove.

Brooklyn hip-hop "artist" Remy Marshall, who raps under the stage name "Fetty Luciano," was originally arraigned on attempted murder and weapons charges, but caught a break this week as the grand jury declined to indict him for attempted murder.

He was indicted on three counts each of second-degree assault and attempted second-degree assault, along with criminal possession of a weapon, misdemeanor assault, and reckless endangerment, and faces 15 years in prison.

According to prosecutors, Marshall had been ejected from the Mansion, pulled a gun, and attempted to pistol-whip a partygoer, firing the gun in the process. The bullet struck three people, who were treated for non life-threatening injuries. Attendees fled in all directions, with some running across the grounds of the neighboring GlenGariff senior nursing facility.

The NYPD has named Marshall, a convicted felon, as a member of the “G Stone Crips,” a violent, Brooklyn-based street gang responsible for murders and other shootings. Marshall did a prior stint in prison for conspiracy, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Glen Cove residents have complained for years that the once-dignified Mansion, which holds itself out as a "family" venue for weddings, graduations, and other community-based celebrations, has been the site of raucous parties, held without proper permits. While not all of the parties have been violent, many have been loud and disruptive.

Following the shooting, the state liquor authority suspended the Mansion's liquor license, which was only restored after payment of a $50,000 fine.


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