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Glen Cove Honors Heroes Who Saved Woman From Car Drowning

By Nolan Cleary

A Glen Cove resident who saved a woman from drowning was honored last week by Mayor Pam Panzenbeck for his heroism.

Emmanuel Grella and Christian Flora were driving home in 2019, when they witnessed a car crash through their neighbor’s backyard and into the neighbor's pool.

The two rushed to the scene , and discovered a 73 year old woman stuck in the driver’s seat, as the car sank to the bottom of the pool.

The two jumped in, freed her, and pulled her out, according to Glen Cove Police. The elderly driver suffered just minor injuries - and her life was saved by the quick action of Grella and Flora.

Last week, Glen Cove City Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck granted Grella an award for his heroism.

"Last night we recognized and awarded our very own Emanuel (Manny) Grella for his bravery in saving a woman's life," stated Panzenbeck. "We are so proud of Manny — always coming to the rescue in so many ways."

In addition, Grella also received New York State Liberty Medal from now-former NYS Senator Jim Gaughran.

"The Liberty Medal is awarded in unique circumstances for heroism. Manny jumped in to an unsafe situation without thought of his own safety to save a woman whose car had plunged into a pool," added Glen Cove Councilwoman Marsha Silverman.


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