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Glen Cove Offering Housing Vouchers to Landlords

By Priya Persaud

Property owners in Glen Cove are being requested by the Glen Cove Housing Choice Voucher Program (GC-HCVP) to contact the city, if they would like to be placed on a list of referrals for landlords or they have current vacancies.

Glen Cove hosts many participants who have qualified for the GC-HCVP vouchers and are in the program. These participants are seeking housing for immediate occupancy.

Essentially, the GC-HCVP is a subsidy program for rent. It also is a HUD-guaranteed payment to the landlord. However, it is also subjects participants to obtaining annual recertification and undergoing housing inspection, which would be performed by Glen Cove officials.

Additionally, the HUD 10 percent exception has been implemented by the 2023 Fair Market Rents. This is a result of the higher area market rents.

The program offers vouchers for a studio for $1,689, a one-bedroom for $2,105, a two-bedroom for $2,526, a three-bedroom for $3,247, and a four-bedroom for $3,569.

To become a landlord on the list or for more information, call (516)-676-1625 or email


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