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Glen Cove's "Polish National Home" Celebrates 100 Years

By Chris O’Neill

The Polish National Home of Glen Cove, celebrated its 100th anniversary at an event held on its premises on November 11. Dancers in colorful traditional costume, joined by attendees in less colorful but formal attire, performed traditional Polish folk dances.

The celebration took place in the home’s Main Floor room, which boasts a fully furnished kitchen and and outward-facing bar, as well as a stage. Polish food and drink accompanied the fun and laughter as attendees gave thanks for an organization and home that has served the needs of the local Polish community of Glen Cove and vicinity since 1922, when a group of local Poles raised the necessary $6,000 needed to purchase the former St. Patrick’s Church at 10 Hendrick Avenue. The original 25 founders at first only managed to raise $615 before they came up with the idea to sell 50 bricks printed with donors’ names at $100 each – a sizable sum back then.

The home, over the years, has served as a haven for those escaping both war and then communism in their homeland, helping immigrants become United States citizens, and to assimilate in a new country.

Working with the Paderewski Polish School in Glen Head, Polish language classes are offered, to assist Polish Americans nurture their roots and to help those simply interested in Poland and the Polish language.

Other activities include workshops on the practicalities of life, including buying and managing healthcare insurance.

Membership is open to those that have at least one parent or grandparent who is Polish. The home, possessing three difference venues, is a popular place to host events, including weddings, christenings and birthdays.

Contact info: 10 Hendrick Ave, Glen Cove, NY 11542; (516) 676-9575; Office hours: Wednesday 5-8PM;


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