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Glen Head Man Guilty of Murder, "I just killed a guy"

by Nolan Cleary

A 74 year-old Glen Head man, Lawrence Grammer, was found guilty of the brutal 2018 murder of a co-worker at an auto repair shop in Glen Head. Grammer was convicted of the murder by a Nassau County jury last week. According to police, Grammer called 911 and stated "I just killed a guy..."

The murder happened on August 3, 2018 at the D&R Auto Body Services body shop / Citgo gas station, at 131 Glen Head Road in Glen Head.

Grammer had worked at the shop for 15 years before the murder. According to prosecutors, the event was triggered by an argument between Grammer and a separate co-worker over gas receipts. Then 35 year old Bashir "Bobby" Ward intervened and physically confronted Grammer, pushing Grammer to the ground. Grammer was angry, and then shot Ward in the head the next day.

Grammer’s defense attorney claimed that Grammer "unintentionally" opened fire while trying to defend himself, a conclusion the jury didn’t accept.

Grammer is currently on the New York State Sex Offender Registry after being convicted of raping a 13 third year old girl nearly a decade ago. He is due back in court July 27th, and could face life in prison.


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