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"Good Cause" Eviction and "Squatters Rights" would be the End of Home Ownership in New York

Albany is the place where bad ideas sprout up to become law.

Two egregiously bad proposals designed to target the very concept of private home ownership are Squatters Rights and Good Cause Eviction.  Their enactment would tank New York's housing market; cause a collapse in home values; and wipe-out the hard-earned life savings of millions of suburban home owning families. Yet both are about to become law in New York.

The hard Left wants home ownership to be communal.  Private property was denounced by Karl Marx as "bourgeois" and - as practiced in the Soviet Union and Communist China - housing was to be owned by the government.

Squatter's Rights are the ability of strangers to simply invade your home, and then claim they are your "tenants" by virtue of being there, or by a fake lease they draw-up.

In New York City, it is the Law that anyone who moves-in - or fakes-up documents claiming they moved-in - for more than 30 days becomes a "tenant."

Never mind if they are just trespasser scammers.  Now they have your house.  And if you try to force then out by changing the locks - like one homeowner recently did in Queens - then you get arrested.  Handcuffs and jail for the homeowner.

Squatter's criminal syndicates are spreading across New York. They provide their gang members with fake documents - then arrange "sub-tenants" to pay real money to the squatters as rent.  The homeowner gets a wreaked house - the squatter syndicate gets tens of thousands per house in sub-tenant rent.

Add to this already-existing horror the concept of "Good Cause" eviction now being pushed in Albany.

Under "Good Cause" eviction, you can not evict a tenant - or squatter - unless you hold a hearing to "prove" that the tenant "deserves" to be evicted; prove that the house is being well-maintained; and then arrange new housing for the tenant-squatter.

A simple eviction could take years - and cost tens of thousands in attorneys fees and maintenance charges. 

That's already happening - but as it spreads, think of the impact on home mortgages, and people's willingness to "take a risk" in buying and fixing-up homes in New York.

No one will want to risk their family's life savings.  And banks will be increasingly tight about offering mortgages.  That would be the trigger for a collapse in the housing market - and bankruptcy for millions of New York homeowners.

Tell your Albany Assemblymen and Senators to NOT let this happen. 


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