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Harvard Hates America

Back in 1978, a young Harvard graduate from Long Island named John LeBoutillier authored a book called "Harvard Hates America" warning about the elitism, anti-Americanism, Marxism and civic contempt at Harvard University.  LeBoutillier went on to be elected in 1980 to the US Congress from the north shore - the last Republican from the north shore ever to serve a full term in Congress.

LeBoutillier's book was a warning about the subversion and Marxist-fascist ideology creeping through not just Harvard, but every major educational institution in America.  Now, 45 years later, the process is complete.

There are no conservative professors left - none. And the Left's ideological tyranny brooks no dissent. Conservative professors are just "not hired."  And the few who are - like Professor Ilya Shapiro, formerly of Georgetown University - are ruthlessly driven out.

Students who dissent - conservatives, Christians, and Jews - are targeted, often doxxed and attacked, and cowed into silence. Political ideologies like "intersectionality," "structural racism," or "DEI - diversity, equity inclusion" are used to force all administrators to engage in anti-white and anti-Asian racism, and embrace antisemitism.

Traditional concepts like "due process" are out, and "popular rage" is in - particularly when a young man is accused of anything sexual. Never mind if the accuser is a mental case spouting lies.  

A renowned Huntington lawyer, Philip Byler (himself a Harvard grad), has represented over a dozen young men railroaded - with star chamber inquisitions and openly biased faculty panels - and had their lives and careers destroyed - by Ivy-League fascists out to "make an example" of the hated white or Asian or Jewish male. Never mind if the charges are bogus - the point is to strike-at a symbol of the the hated "structural oppressor." Byler has been one of the few with the courage, integrity and smarts to help the wrongly-accused fight back.

In 2023, Harvard was judged - by the federal courts and the US Supreme Court - to have practiced open "racism" against white and Asian student applicants. Tens of thousands of Asian American kids were "blackballed" from Harvard because - to quote one official - they "don't have the right look."


Out of this foul stew emerged Claudine Gay, now Harvard's ex-President. The child of wealthy, educated Haitian immigrants. The totally mediocre beneficiary of endless "race preferences" designed to reward her for her skin color.

Gay made a fool of herself last fall, testifying before the US Congress, claiming that marches on the Harvard campus chanting for the mass murder of Jews - just after the mass murder of 1200 Jews by Hamas - was acceptable "depending upon the context."  A review of her meager publications revealed a history of rank plagiarism. She finally resigned last week - losing her $1.4 million salary as Harvard President, but keeping a $900,000 "consolation prize" salary on the Harvard faculty. She predictably blamed "racism" and "right wing hate" for her self-inflicted disgrace.

Harvard is rotten to the core - and there is no one and nothing left inside to save it. Sadly what happened at Harvard is happening to hundreds of other American universities, including every Ivy League school.  Is there anything that can stop this subversion and destruction of America's once-great institutions?


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