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Hochul to Dump Illegal Migrants at SUNY Old Westbury

By Mark Demetropoulos

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D-Buffalo) has sent inspectors to the SUNY Old Westbury campus to survey the student dormitories to house some of the 100,000-plus illegal migrants who have poured into the state. And NYS Senator Jack Martins (R-Westbury) is not happy about it.

Several local news stations have confirmed that the Hochul administration dispatched inspectors to the SUNY Old Westbury campus. The state is utilizing school dorms and athletic facilities as emergency housing centers for migrants.

"Migrants coming to Nassau County schools is a real possibility," stated Senator Martins. "Because New York declared itself a sanctuary state.”

"Now communities like ours here in Nassau County and elsewhere in New York state, have to deal with the realities of migrants being shipped into our communities without the resources we need to deal with them," added Martins. "Without even knowing who they are. And quite frankly, potentially putting us all at risk.”

SUNY confirmed that Hochul is looking to house illegal migrants at the SUNY schools. And if the illegal migrants are "in", then SUNY students are "out" - and will not have available dormitory housing.

"At Governor Hochul's direction, we are assessing whether there are SUNY resources available to help with the arrival of asylum seekers." stated a SUNY Press Spokesman.

Local governments on Long Island have been kept in the dark by Hochul about the date and number of migrants to be "dropped" on Long Island.

Hochul has not scheduled any community or town hall to inform the public or elected officials about the imminent influx of migrants coming in large numbers to inhabit their communities.

According to Hochul's office, "no official determination by the state has been made." However, the evidence appears clear that hundreds of migrants might soon be calling SUNY Old Westbury their "new home."


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